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News When not to rob a bank

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    Typical US TV !
    • The word "live" all over on recorded material
    • Endless repetition
    • The essence is missing
    • bla bla plenty
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    I actually read a news article of a very successful bank robber who robbed over 50 banks. Apparently, most of them do it wrong.

    He walks into a bank unarmed, unmasked and doesn't say a single word. He presents a piece of paper to the teller that says "Give me all of your 50's and 100's ; This is not a joke". (The 20's are full of dye packs). The teller is trained to comply to any robbery requests, because the money is insured anyway and they don't want to cause a scene. Then, the robber walks out of the bank with the money and goes to his car (which he parked a far distance away).

    According to the security camera, it just looked like a normal transaction. Eventually the man started a family and turned himself in out of guilt. Coincidentally enough, several of the banks he claimed to have robbed refused to press charges because they had no recollection of him ever robbing them.
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