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When nutters attack

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    First there were www.timecube.com[/url] and [url]www.fixedearth.com[/URL] ...

    Now, the sequel: [URL]http://www.alexchiu.com/[/URL]

    Enjoy. :)
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    There are quotes from the year 192004 in the testimonials. Wow. This proves that it works and the 190000 year olds have found a way to send their messages back to us.
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    What's even scarier is he holds a valid patent! I checked the US PTO site just to be sure. Then again, the patent isn't for anything relating to immortality, just a magnetic ring, or, more accurately, several magnetic rings that must be worn on the fingers of both hands and toes of both feet to make the complete device in order to distinguish it from the magnetic ornamental jewelry already covered in prior art. It's a very limited patent. Though, I bet the patent examiner got a good laugh the day that one crossed his/her desk! The patent attorney handling it probably enjoyed taking that Alex Chiu's money for it too. I'll have to send this to my friend who is a patent attorney. He has a collection of amusing patents.
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