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When stars collide!

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    Sooner or later its bound to happen. Has there been a recent observed colliding force between two stars in our Galaxy?

    i'm keen to see a collision between a red star and a blue one to know what colour the end star will be.

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    Im not a astro guy, but waht would make a star 'accelaerate' in the first place towards another star?
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    Stars move around all the time so collisions do happen. Just recently you might have eard about this blue giant they detected being hurled out of the galaxy at high speed after "dancing" with a black hole.
    The november 2002 issue of Scientific American features the subject of star collisions. You will see it happen mainly with old binary star system where gravity has finaly pulled the two stars together. Mostly the densest one will sucks in the other before they actualy collide, creating an acretion disc around itself. Here's a helpfull image of a white dwarf getting cossy with a red giant. Must be 18 or older.

    http://physics.uoregon.edu/~courses/BrauImages/Chap21/FG21_002.jpg [Broken]
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    Yes, but it's very rare. Collisions are only frequent in the core of the galaxy and the centers of globular clusters.

    It would depend on the mass of the red and blue star. More than likely it would be blue, as that's the color that hydrogen-burning massive stars settle into.
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