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When time began

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    Time had a beginning. It began with the original motion.

    Something caused things to move.

    Before motion time did not exist. No speed existed. No dimension existed. No e = mc^2. No form of energy existed.

    The original motion, like all motion that followed cannot be duplicated, so whatever
    started it is not divine.

    The start of motion is not outside the bun because the bun contains thought. Thought is the only thing that can exist in the bun without needing motion.

    Thought has no energy but thought is real

    Thought must have existed before motion began.

    Thought is notions that can be counted. Thought is not boundless.

    Thought can appear in more than one place at the same time.

    The same thought can appear over and over again.

    Thought is not the sole property of the animal, or vegetable, or mineral mind.

    Thought is not nothing. Thought is something.
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    This isn't suitable for Philosophy (please read both sets of rules). This doesn't even fit minimum criteria for starting a thread.

    You can post this in your journal.
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