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When to go back to school?

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    do you think going to school at 32 is a good idea? i'm 28 now but due to some setbacks i need to get my life, body and mind in order before i go back to school. i think i need prep time so i can run right out of the gate while others want to push me before i feel i can swim. should i go to school now or do what i feel is the best method for myself?
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    Personally, I'd always do what I know is good for me. Whilst there can be circumstances where I'll choose a poor route - that mostly applies when I'm not as fully as informed as I think I am - don't have all the facts. It's certainly something thats up to you, I can't see there being many new limitations introduced - and the fact that you feel you need more time before you're ready says to me that it's required. You will need to be committed to school when you get there so that you know you have the best chance you're capable of.
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    thanks, i think i already know whats best for myself (maybe i just need some reassurance :tongue: ) i just have family members telling me that all i do is waste time and that i'm not showing anything :grumpy:
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    are you worried about being too old to back to school? daveb on this forum got his bachelor's in math and physics at UCLA around age 40 I think. pm him for how his experience was
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    Any time is a good time - as long as you are mature enough (and financially able) to handle it, and it sounds like you understand that. I'll be finishing my BS at age 41.

    You can also work a little bit on your general education requirements now and find out what kind of unit load you can handle while working (I'm assuming that you are). Sometimes it is better to ease in and test the waters than to just dive into the deep end right away.
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    My mom went back to school in her 50's. She had gone from high school into nursing school, which back in the 1950's did not provide degrees.

    She decided that since all her kids had college degrees, she ought to do the same. So she did! :approve:
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