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Homework Help: When to use Tsin(theta)=mv^2/r and Tsin(theta)=mg?Please help me out

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    When to use Tsin(theta)=mv^2/r and Tsin(theta)=mg????Please help me out!!!!!!!

    Hi i am quite good on horizontal and vertical circular motion,but i always get confused by this formulae,Tsin(theta)=mv^2/r and T cos(theta)=mg.In what situation i should use sin or coz formula coz i always end up using the wrong formula all the time.i use sin instead of cos and cos instead of sin as i dont know under what circumstance i should use these.Is this related to vertical or horizontal circular motion?
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    Why don't you draw a sketch of the problem? You could then pick whichever angle you want, and resolve the components of T whichever way you want.
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    Thanx for your reply devious
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