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When We Left Earth

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    Just finished this series on DVD. That was spectacular! I'm a little sad/surprised it didn't mention Apollo docking to Mir, or the shuttle visiting Mir. But it was great to see that bit about Skylab; I never knew that.

    And I always thought the Hubble repair mission happened after Columbia. I guess not?

    Anyways, fantastic series, and the composer who made the soundtrack has made excerpts of it freely available*.

    *See video description for link to composer's site.

    Darn, though. The whole thing is just so extremely inspiring. I'm just in awe, and the soundtrack was amazing. Anyone else get like, this feeling of hope and accomplishment of/for humanity from that, or just from the space program's accomplishments in general?

    I have to say, though, this rivals "Voyage to the Planets" and "Alien Planet" for my favorite space-related thing I've ever seen.

    (Also, I couldn't decide if this belongs in the other forum because it's TV, but it's also not science fiction...)
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    Jonathan Scott

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    Probably because it didn't happen. Did you mean the Apollo/Soyuz Test Project in 1975, the first joint US-Soviet space flight and the last flight of an Apollo?
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    Yeah, that'd be it, heh.
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    Have you seen either of the Cosmos series? If not, I highly recommend watching both. Start with the "old" one (Carl Sagan), then watch the newer version with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
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