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When will fusion power be economically viable?

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    Can anyone here tell me how long it will be (roughly) until hydrogen fusion power stations are producing energy at economic rates? it cant be far off can it?

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    I too have pondered that very question, I personally have no idea but hope to hear any info on it.
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    Breakeven has been somewhere between 5 and 15yrs down the road for the last 30yrs. It may wll be 15-20 yrs after breakeven is achieved before comericail plants become viable. Do not hold your breath waiting for this. Being somewhat of a pesimist I think it is about even odds that in 100yrs man kind will live in technology wonder land or the stone age.
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    agreed, i personally feel the later is more probable. :( Thanks for the info on fusion power stations.
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    I'm next door to couple of fusion guys and the late estimates seem, unfortunately, the likely ones. Any sort of "large scale" (=commercial level) production 50 years, add what comes down the road and all other non-technical & scientifical problems -> really long.
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    While doing research for an argument on another forum, I found that the break even point was reached over 10 years ago. I wish I kept the link for it.
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    Science can never be predected.

    The answer depends on when will coldfusion become mainstream.
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