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When you are no longer traveling at the speed of light, why don't you feel older?

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    According to the twin parodox scenario, when a twin goes in a rocketship and it travels near the speed of light and come back toearth with his now older twin brother at a speed far from the speed of light , his surroundings suddenly seems like they aged greatly , including his twin brother. While he was been traveling near the speed of light , his surroundings exactly appeared as it did as he departed from the earth before his rocketship reached the speed of light . If his surroundings suddenly seemed liked they age as his rocketship slows down to the to a speed far away from the speed of light, why doesn't he age as well as his brother who was on earth the whole time?
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    See #7 and #8 in this thread, and ask again if you have a specific question about the answers given there.
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