When you die your physical boady will ?

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In summary, the deceased will be cremated, and then either placed in an urn or scattered thought antartica. This is a custom that the individual shares with other individuals with the same religious belief.
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The Grimmus
What ceramony will be performed at a funeral for you, and what means of burrial will you under go, and is this custome normal for others that share your religious belief?

Ok I being the economic/space saving super human will prably be cremated then either placed in an urn or placed some place funny like in a pepper mill or scatterd thought antartica becuase i know i will never vist it. No relgious hoo ha just poepel watch my boady being burt and turnd into ash...good times. Or what ever the will of the first person who finds me dead is. I am dead i don't care what happens to my boady.
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I'd like to be buried under a fruit tree, seems like a fitting end. :0)
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i want my ashes to be spread in the pacific ocean...
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I would prefer not being stuffed with candy and used as a pinata...besides taht, I don't much care.
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Originally posted by The Grimmus
I am dead i don't care what happens to my boady.

I think the correct phrase is "I am dead, I can't care what happens to be body".

As they said, funerals are for the living, not for the dead.
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.....get cryogenically frozen.

Currently the technology is not up to much as cells get killed by freezing process. But in 50-60 years time there could be hope.
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parents ashs were spred under the orange tree then a few years later the STATE cut it down in a canker scare

someday I will replace it
but cirtus is banned for now here in miami

I think I will be scatered in the ocean

matters NOT anyway
one shot is all there is
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Donating various parts of body can prolong your existence.
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gotta good one

i'll be buried and hatefully remembered.
and those who hate me, i will become a ghost and haunt them. haha.
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“If my decomposing carcass helps nourish the roots of a juniper tree or the wings of a vulture - that is immortality enough for me.” - Edward Abbey
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i've always said that before i die (hoping that a)it is expected and b) i have the physical streangth to do it)i want to go out in a forest, dig a hole, lay down, and die. the thought of getting pumped full of chemicals and waiting in a coffin for years before being "recycled" back into nature isn't for me. but as said before, at that point i really won't care how i die.

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1. What happens to the physical body after death?

After death, the physical body undergoes a process called decomposition. This is when the body's tissues break down and are broken down by bacteria and other organisms. This process can take several weeks to months, depending on the conditions of the environment.

2. Does the body feel any pain after death?

No, the body does not feel any pain after death. Once all brain activity has ceased, there is no sensation or consciousness present in the body. However, there may be reflexive movements or muscle contractions that can occur due to nerve cells firing off.

3. Can a person's body be preserved after death?

Yes, there are various methods of preserving the body after death, such as embalming or cryonics. Embalming involves replacing bodily fluids with preservative chemicals to delay decomposition, while cryonics involves freezing the body in hopes of reviving it in the future.

4. What happens to the body's organs after death?

After death, the body's organs can be donated for medical purposes or for transplantation. If not donated, they will decompose along with the rest of the body. Some organs, such as the heart, can continue to function for a short period of time after death due to residual electrical activity.

5. How long does it take for a body to completely decompose after death?

The rate of decomposition varies depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of bacteria. In a temperate climate, it can take 8-12 years for a body to completely decompose. In more extreme conditions, such as a hot, dry desert, it can take as little as a few weeks.