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When you study

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    do you read a textbook in a linear fashion (doing all the problems), or do you skip sections to get to the so-called "meat" of the subject?
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    Well, the first few chapters (say 3 at most) are usually always mandatory. You can certainly jump to other chapters, but beware some chapters require that you read some other chapter.

    If you read the introduction of the textbook, the authors sometimes explains other ways to read the book.
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    i read what i need
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    in read until i get distracted by ideas that pop into my head, which are generated by the book's discussion.
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    I skip sections to get to the so-called "meat" of the subject.

    When making exercises, i used to just select a few for each different topic that was treated in the book. I never made every (or a lot of) exercise.


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    I jump right to the problems and work on a few for a couple hours, then I read through the chapter and try the problems again.
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    I read the text in detail, take careful notes, read the examples and take about an half and hour to think through what I have read. Then I do all of the problem sets available.
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    wow, and you still have time to learn all of the topics in the book? wouldn't that take like a year or so? You think it is better to have more breadth of knowledge or more depth of knowledge (i.e. know a lot of subjects well, or like one subject extremely well?)
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    No. There is nothing like the pleasure of the highest grade if you worked hard for it. Time flies when you are having fun.

    You can combine both.

    Although if there is something easy, I usually skip it by just reading it once quickly.
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