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When you've earned a degree.

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    Let's say it's 2011 and I've earned a B.S. in Physics. What are the many proffessios I could choose with my degree?

    We all know that pysicists sit in a lab but what are the many other things that they do? One thing is that they can go into fields unrelated to physics. Couldn't you get a job in Electronics? Or say work in nuclear power or even help in the designing phase of nuclear rockets?

    What a re some typical fields, not so typical fields, and fields that are seemingly unrelated?
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    Only about 4% of people with a BS in physics ever actually work in the physics field. (I should also mention that "sitting in a lab" is really not a good way to characterize what professional physicists do.)

    The vast majority do either some kind of engineering work (both nuclear and electrical engineering should be well within your professional grasp), or some kind of financial analysis. (As it turns out, many financial systems are modelled by the same kinds of mathematical structures used in physical systems.)

    - Warren
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