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When ?

  1. Oct 18, 2004 #1
    I am sorry I am not a native English speaker.
    I have a little problem in English language which bugs me endlessly. I am bored now at the time, hopefully you will understand and sympathize a little for my present bad mood.

    When will you call the people before you Sir~Madam, Signor~Signora etc ? In what case ?
    I think I will call my professor Sir or Madam. Who else should I call them ?

    Thank youu
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    Ask them what they want to be called. Some, maybe all, wouldn't mind if you called them by their first name.
  4. Oct 18, 2004 #3
    I agree with Chrono; best to ask politely and sincerely.
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    Typically - in terms of standard protocal - teachers are referred to as Mr, Miss, or Mrs followed by their last name. I'd assume professors are called the same inless they have a PHD, then they may be referred to as Dr. whoever. As everyone said, it's probably easiest to ask them what they prefer.
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