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Where and how do you volunteer?

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    I volunteer at a nursing home by leading a group and chatting with residents; at a park by caring for animals and greeting visitors; and at a hospital by overseeing a mental health support group. Giving is its own gift.

    What donated time returns you the most reward?
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    jimmy p

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    I work too much to volunteer... :frown:
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    I volunteered with a local playscheme for kids for the past two years and actually organised the activities for them last year! Was really rewarding and very good experience in terms of disciplining kids too! + Got loads of free trips to many exciting places and got to meet so many people! :smile:

    But moving on to the final year of my degree as from October this year, I can't afford the time anymore! :frown:
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    Do you also volunteer when you are forced to work without wages? No? I guess my past year doesn't count then :( No reward from it either.. I'll just crawl back into my self-dug hole ;)
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    Hmm, if you get no enjoyment from it and never really wanted to do it in the first place, then I guess it's not volunteering. I would class it as work experience or CV-enrichment activities!! :smile:
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    right here at PF
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