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Where are you from?

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    Just curious, for those of you who did not fill in a "real" location on this planet as to where you are, where ya from?

    I see a lot of our members are from Oregon...great state for brilliant minds

    Me, I am in the biggest city in Oregon...
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    Having traveled here and there and everywhere my entire life I can't really say where I might be "from" :wink: but I did some how manage to settle here in the beautiful backwoods of Maine.
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    Just outside of Philadelphia, PA, USA
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    I actually live in wisconsin. but i go to school where kerrie is from.
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    i live in Lawrence, KS at the moment. i guess i could say i am "from" here as i have lived here longer than i have anywhere else; before that i have lived in quite a few states as well as Korea and Germany, that was a big plus of being the son of a career military man.:smile:
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    I go to school in salt lake city, but still call boise idaho home.
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    are you Mormon climbhi?
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    canberra, australia
    although i went to school in toulouse (southern france) for a while
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    I am "from" Puerto Rico, but I live in White Cloud, MI (I guess I might just as well say "middle of nowhere", as no one is likely to know where "White Cloud" is).
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    From: Holland (NL, not MI), staying in Detroit, MI for the moment.. going back to study in Amsterdam in winter, jeeejh!
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    Sacramento, California. God this town blows... At least I am close to San Fransico.
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    Riverside, CA
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    Near Cleveland, Ohio.
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    Yes, I'd point out though that I'm not originally from Salt Lake City, I was born in California. So even though I think you asked that becuase I'm from SLC, I haven't always been here, in fact I haven't even lived here for a year.
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    My family is Mormon and I have experienced both California Mormon's and Utah Mormons - let state that the difference is great...
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    I'm in Kansas City, KS, now, but I'm planning on going back to California as soon as I can. :) Also I lived in Tehran, Iran for a couple years when I was a kid.
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    oh ya i caught that, i was just guessing because i know that a lot of people of that faith go to school in SLC; i was just there last october to watch my cousin get married actually. the reason i asked was because i wanted to point out the similarily between LDS and Freemasonry/Rosicrucianism, a lot of people are unaware of such things and i think it is something that people should know, espesialy if they practice such beleifs.
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    I am in transit back and forth between North and South America. I have no definite nationality (despite what a passport might say) due to the confused geography of my birthplace. What I might claim and what might actually be could be two different things. Being born 'on the fence' I take what is convenient at a given time.
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    I'm sorry I guess I don't know what you're referring to.
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