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Where can I find a girl into physics?

  1. Oct 6, 2012 #1
    I am really into women who are into physics. I like them because I think they are really smart and they can comprehend the physics, which I never could. I am an engineer by trade (just graduated a year ago), but I really don't think I am smart, and most people would agree. When I was visiting my brother at his college, I also visited the physics club there for one night (I really wish I had joined the physics club at my school when I was in college :)). We played some game, and I really like the physics girls that was there. I really like their awkwardness, curiosity, how nerdy they are, and overall personality (even the personalities that regular people would think bad); even though they may not be attractive at first sight and they are really nerdy. I have been thinking about it for a few weeks now. The big catch is, I travel a lot for work, months at a time, and I never have a chance to interact with anyone, much less girls. I am getting older and a lot of my engineer friends are getting married, not to say that I follow the crowd, I feel left out and lonely because my friends are busy with their own lives.

    But I am not saying it's only inclusive to physics major, I am just saying someone really smart that they are unique and different from a regular girl. I tend to have good conversations and I like listening and asking questions about what they study, despite not being able to understand all the technicalities of a lot of what they do. But I can listen to someone talking about physics all day :) honest truth.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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    Try social dancing. It attracts a large variety of people and I've met a few fairly attractive girls that are into physics there. Also, it would help to live in or near a college town.
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    thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I am away from home 95% of the time, and I go to the middle of nowhere. Once I get situated, I will look into that. Any other suggestion would be most appreciated.
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    Try swing dancing. It seems to attract a higher proportion of STEM types. Other than that, try physics labs. I hear that's where a lot of physicists are.
  6. Nov 5, 2012 #5
    Online dating is a good way to find specifics like that. I have a "type" as well (which are nerdy programmer types) and currently live with my boyfriend, who I met on okcupid. I'm no good at talking to people without already figuring out if they're WORTH talking to (which might sound like I'm a jerk, but it's a must in Vegas... wasn't a huge problem when I lived in Portland... but dating here as a nerdy pre-scientist was hell).
  7. Nov 8, 2012 #6
    Agreed on the physics lab idea. I remember a girl I knew in college. She was doing a double major in Physics and Biology and pulling a 4.0 gpa to boot. Did an internship with the CIA one summer and they told her that if she could finish her last 20 hrs, a combination of Physics and Biology, in her last semester and keep the 4.0 gpa that she would be hired on. She was really something, she did it! She was too young for me, but I thought she was the sweetest and I was just a Engineering Physics major struggling to keep a 3.0 gpa. Smart science girls are the best. :approve:
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