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Where can I find international softcover editions of textbooks?

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    This past fall I ordered a few of my books from internet vendors who sold softcover international editions of textbooks. For this first time in my college career, I spent less than 200 bucks on my texts, and they were exactly the same as the rather pricey hardcover books my buddies had. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to find the website I purchased my books from. Does anybody know of a reliable internet sight where I can find international edition softcover textbooks? I found a place called "textbookx" which has some of these books, but it isn't the sight I used last fall.

    PS Sorry if this wasn't the right place to post this thread. I couldn't really think of another place to post it.
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    Search for them on ebay... you'll get a list of different vendors.
    Other sites are abebooks.com and amazon.com
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