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Where can i find primary sources on topics in physics, chemistry and mathematics?

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    hey everyone!

    i have flipped through quite a few textbooks on physics, chemistry and calculus, searching for one that presents motivates its derivations of equations and discussions of the concepts involved.

    primary sources (or those accounts of a theory written by its discoverer) which include descriptions of the problem at hand and its importance, the thought process involved in its solution, and an explanation of the result based on first principles should contain everything i want to know.

    i would like to know where to find these primary sources. please include anything else that you think i would find helpful. if you need to know specifically what types of primary sources i am looking for, they should cover: classical physics (mechanics, electromagnetism, vibrations and waves), calculus of one and several variables, vector analysis, and general chemistry. basically, i want to see how people developed science, why things work out the way they do, and how these things were discovered. i hope this is not too vague, and would be happy to clarify.

    thanks for your help!

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    D H

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    [PLAIN]http://www.mountangelabbey.org/library/images/Library-stacks-700px.jpg [Broken]
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