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Where can I find

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    I would like to try to locate some cool objects in the sky with my telescope... but I guess I need some objects that are visible with moderate light pollution... I dont live in a city.. but close enough where I get a good amount of pollution.. as well as many highways lined with lights obscuring my views... On a clear night I can see a decent amount of stars... probably a total of 75-150 i would estimate

    anyway, how would I go about pinpointing a location of a nebula or some other object of interest? I have spotted out the moon and mars as they are obviously easy targets... I have an orion 8" dob with 6 eyepieces and a barlow... but I am unsure how to navigate to exact points in the sky.. I suppose maybe star hopping? any advice?
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    A lot of people read this but I got 0 responses... can anyone help me out?
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    Sorry kleinma...been busy lately. Hopefully someone can help.

    Certainly, as winter approaches, the constellation Orion will be creeping up into view. The Orion Nebula (M42) is an easy target* and an interesting one (with a nice set of 4 bright stars hiding in the middle).

    * - bright (as far as these things go) and easy to locate by starhopping from Orion's belt/sword...the sword is 3 stars in a line extending down from the belt (which is also 3 stars in a line) and the nebula is in the middle of the sword. Try with binocs (35 or 50 mm lenses) first if it helps.

    That's the first one I found when I started out (and I lived in a light polluted area too).

    Note that it will just look like a gray cloud (rather than the colorful photos you can get with cameras & long time exposures), but you may recognize the structure from such photos.
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    thanks for the response phobos...

    I know the nebula your talking about... as I have a nice hubble poster of it hanging on my wall.. i will take a look for it.. i have spotted orions belt no problem in the past with the naked eye.. stands out around here since there arent a ton of stars in the sky...

    really makes me wish i had a killer telescope though...
    I drool over the meade 14" lx200GPS... too bad i dont have 4.5k to drop on it
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