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Where can I get help with Windows XP?

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    My computer is fried. I can only boot up in safe mode. Otherwise as soon as I login to my computer after bootup the screen goes black, then a blue screen comes on saying there is a problem and it starts doing a memory dump to disk. I've tried fixing this all day long but am at a loss.

    Where can I go for help? Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Have you tried to format and reinstall windows?
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    Where you could go for help?
    I guess you could go to a psychiatric hospital, but i do not think that is where your problem lies :)

    nah, just kidding. Just do what dduardo said, format the drive (or just the partition) that Windows boots on (Where to the ARC path indicates.) (I guess that you have it on C: )
    If that does not work then, too bad :) You will probably be away from your computer for a couple of weeks then.
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    How do I do that? I reinstalled windows but that really isn't the same. I wanted to wipe my C disk clean and reinstall but I don't know how.

    My system stuff is on drive C. My data is on drive D. Can I wipe C without touching D? I assume/hope so since this is why I made two partitions.


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    Boot from the Win XP cd and go through the installer. You should reach a section for partiioning. Just delete the C drive and recreate it. Then select that drive for windows to install on. Then just go through the rest of the procedure. You'll probable need to re-activate, which I would assume is easy, but i've never done it. This whole procedure is no more difficult than installing any other program.
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    Have you ever tried this? I did and I didn't see a section for partitioning.

    But here goes. If I disappear from existance then you'll know what happened. :rofl:

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    It didn't work. I can't figure out how to boot from the CD.

    How do I do that?

    Can't I simply format the C drive and then boot?

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    I've installed win xp many times.

    To boot from the cd you need to set the boot sequence in your bios to read your cdrom first before reading the hard drive.

    The partition stage should look like this:

    http://www.blackviper.com/Articles/OS/InstallXPPro/images/image1_9.html [Broken]
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    Okey dokey! All done! Muchus Gracias!

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