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Where can I go?

  1. Dec 25, 2004 #1
    I am a college freshman majoring in computer science at Umass Dartmouth with 4 AP tests for 26 additional credits. I took 5 courses first semester for 17 credits including one 300s-level course in probability (A+) and one high-200s-level course, an introduction to computing systems (A+). My other courses are 100s-level: Logic (A+), Obj. Oriented Programming (A) and Discrete Structures(B-). I am contesting the B- since I got 100s on every assignment up to the final and "pre-final" except for one 80 on a quiz, and I think I did well on the final and "pre-final," but assume for now that it is a B-. In addition to this I have a 1600 on my SATs (from 2002). I have no extracurriculars and mediocre high school grades.

    Where do you think can I realistically transfer to next year? I want to go to a good school for computer science.
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    I just got the correction back from the professor for Discrete Structures and the B- was apparently just a mistake in grading. I have an A+ which will go through the registrar's in "about a week," making 4 A+'s and one A.
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    I would open dialogs with CMU and anything else that comes up under a google search for top CS schools. Be sure to figure out what you want to do ... AI? Databases? Physic modelling? etc etc and then choose accordingly. For what it's worth I'd shy away from MIT, but that's my personal bias :) Good job in school by the way.
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    Congrats on the good grades.

    From what I understand about transfer admissions along with good grades an important part of your application is your essay on why you want to transfer. Because admissions for transfer is so competitive this because very important.

    So, your grades certainly don't discount you from any school in the country. Keep up the good work, maybe start thinking about your essay now and send out a bunch of applications.

    Good luck!
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