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Where can i sell Cuban cigars

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    I have just returned from holiday in Cuba and a friend at work had asked that i bring back a couple of the huge Montecristo A cigars as well as a selection of others for him ... he was sacked while i was away and i don't have a number for him so now i'm left with 5 cigars and i don't smoke nor do any of my family or friends !!!

    Anyone have any idea if i can sell them anywhere in sheffield ???
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    You joined up to post that? Take up smoking, simple.

    The A's are like 10 inches long aren't they? How much do they go for?
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    Find a cigar shop and speak to the owner about it. I am not sure about the precise restrictions on bringing products back from Cuba but I understand that they are fairly strict. Unless you declared these at customs and they passed through without any issue then it may well be illegal to even have those cigars let alone sell them. Someone at a cigar shop should be able to help you figure this all out though.

    edit: Looking back I see that you said you were on "holiday" so assuming you do not live in the US you probably don't have the same legal issues as we do here. Either way going to a tobacconist would be your best bet.
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    9 1/4 inches. This site says $58.52, but I don't know how many dozen you get for that price.
    http://www.cigarsofcuba.com/itoolkit.asp?pg=products&grp=3" [Broken]
    It says they burn evenly. Perhaps you should burn them.
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    Technically he can't sell them as no UK duty has been paid. Anything without duty paid is for personal use only.

    So it's a case of flogging them down the pub, or smoking them.
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    That's each. Add them to your cart. Ridiculous.
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    What this country needs is a good 5 cent Cuban cigar.
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    Maybe the OP is winking and nudging? I tried to look up Cuban cigars on eBay, but that seems to run afoul of their tobacco policy (and I'd wager the 'Cuban' part probably runs afoul of their embargoed countries policy, especially in the US). On the other hand, even empty boxes (and not just antique cigar ones) seem to be going for non-zero dollars: maybe someone's hawking 'Cuban' cigars to rubes?
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    It's just a bizarre thing for a first post since the forum has no obvious connections with Sheffield.
    He'll never sell them anyway yorkshiremen are too tight to spend 30 odd quid on a cigar.
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