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Where could I shoot for (grad math)?

  1. Aug 12, 2010 #1
    I'm graduating this fall with double major pure math + physics from fsu with a of gpa 3.71 (math gpa is much higher), a capstone physics thesis, and weak engineering research (no publications, no results, basically spun my wheels for two summers).

    Math classes I've taken:

    Calc 1-3
    PDEs 1 (of 2)
    Linear 1 & 2
    Complex variables
    Intro to Probability and Statistics

    Intro to Proofs
    Elementary Topology
    Abstract Alg 1 & 2
    Advanced Calc 1 & 2

    I have probably the same number of physics classes taken, none very impressive either. I can get 1 moderately strong letter (from adv calc professor), 1 decent letter from professor supervising capstone project, and 1 perfunctory letter from abstract algebra professor (heisuke hironaka's daughter :bugeye: ).

    I speak Russian fluently (I have no clue whether that matters).

    I'm interested in financial math or something else applied that I can actually get a job with (pure math lulz), which was not the case in undergrad, as you can tell by my choice of pure classes.

    I'm also interested in using a master's degree (even unfunded) as a stepping stone to a better program.

    I'm going into the peace corps next year (and taking all of my textbooks with me).

    I have not taken the GRE yet but I'm not really worried about either the general or the subject because I'll have the 2 years in the peacecorps to review everything I've learned.
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