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Where did cotQ come from?

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    I won't write the whole thing(unless asked for from you guys), but I just want to ask where did cotQ come from in canonical transformation.

    For instance, F(q,Q) = 1/2p[itex]_{(q,Q)}[/itex]q => [itex]\partial[/itex]F/[itex]\partial[/itex]q=1/2p+1/2*[itex]\partial[/itex]p/[itex]\partial[/itex]q=1/2(p+qcotQ)=p.
    What is this? How did the last things come from??
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    How should we know, if you don't give the generator of the transformation explicitly?
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    Sorry my bad, I didn't know why this was important (if u may also clear that) but it is F=1/2*p*q, and this was at the end of an exercise, and what I posted in my original question, was a remark under the question! But I guess related to it
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    I am struggling alone in understanding classical mechanics!
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