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Where did i see this thread?

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    I remembered seeing a thread with links on how to study science here on PF. I checked in academy and career and looked through 500 topics on search but i couldn't find it (prolly because I'm too tired). I'm not asking anyone to find it for me, but if anyone of you guys remember where that thread is located I would appriciate your help.
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    I've seen many threads that fit that description. Could you narrow it down some? Was it a particular field of science? Physics, perhaps? Were the links self-study-type resources? (This one jumps out, probably because it was recent https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=111007) Or was it more pedagogy/philosophy-of-science-type stuff? Do you know how old the thread might be?
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    hmm...I'd say it was more the pedagogy part of studing science. I remember that the link was a site with tips on taking notes, reading, prepearing for different things and so on. I think it was general science and not any special field. I tried google all morning but I didn't find it. I have no idea how old the thread is.
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