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News Where did the president go?

  1. Oct 23, 2004 #1
    If President Bush is continuously touring the nation campaigning, who's running the country?

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    Did you know Bush goes to his Ranch a lot? That means he isn't working! :eek:
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    It's not like he runs the country when he's in the whitehouse anyway. Contrast him and Cheney in their respective debates, it's clear who has the greater grasp/knowledge of the issues, who's more intelligent, who's more clear on the administration's policies and their effects.

    Phatmonkey, see how hard it is to resist sarcasm sometimes?
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    Are you telling me this thread was serious then?? :uhh: I was under the impression this was a joke? :confused:
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    Now you see...
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    No I don't. Your sarcasm comes 3 pages into a legit thread, and does so regularly.

    One line joke threads are far from the same thing as multiple page threads filled with multiple paragraphs.
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    Gazooks, what about all that damn sleep he gets at night and all those unnecessary runs to the 'can' he makes during the day.....who in the hell watching over us then. Christ, this is a clear case of dereliction of duty.
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    I've always said America will be doomed the day (as if it isn't already) when Cheney dies - Bush will become President. :tongue:
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    I don't know. There must be a reason, other than sheer laziness, why Bush hides himself from the public, and from official Washington, so much. What is he hiding?

    Note that in all the stories told about him, from the National Guard, from his business career, and from his work on that political campaign, the constant element is his showing up late or not at all.
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    As eloquently expressed by the our Commander In Chief, "presidency is hard work" {nod}. or was it hardly :rolleyes:
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