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Where do CAD questions go?

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    Hey folks,

    Just wondering where the appropriate place to put CAD-related topics on this board would be.

    To give some context, I was thinking about posting a question about advice on constructing a Francis-vane impeller, so it feels like it falls in the mechanical engineering section; yet it doesn't have any physics- or engineering-related facets. The question I had in mind deals with primarily the computer geometry aspects of the design, rather than the design itself.

    I know of at least one thread in the Mech Eng subforum that dealt with CAD questions, but it was more of a discussion as to which CAD tools were most advantageous for industry jobs.

    That being said, if anyone can give me some advice here in this thread with the above issue, it'd be more than helpful. Impellers aren't known for having friendly geometries.
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    General Engineering, Engineering Design or Mechanical Engineering.
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    Yeah, let's start with ME. If it needs to be moved, please just send me a private message. :smile:
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