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Where do I go from here?

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    I know the semester doesn't end until December in most universities but I had a lot of time to think today about where I was going in my major so I look through some papers I got when I entered this school five or so weeks ago telling me what I needed to graduate. As I was planning maybe what to take next semester I noticed the last math course required or even recommended was the only course I haven't taken (Numerical Methods, EE major). I guess you can tell from that information that I really like math and well I don't want to be deprived of a math path for the next four years. I mean what can I take? I'm only too aware I've just barely begun to climb the ladder that leads to higher maths but I'm without a direction. Would anyone like to make suggestions on math courses that just really were enlightening? I'm just looking for that class or those classes that just raise(s) the cieling for thinking.

    To sort of compound frustrations, my school doesn't really even have any sort of math forum that I'm aware of and only participates in the Putnam competition so PF appears to be the only way I can get my fix of random math I haven't heard of before. So, as a side note, are there any other college-level math competitions around besides Putnam?

    Thanks for reading this. I hope I conveyed my tone right :)
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    How about a Matrix Algebra (Vectorial Spaces, Lineal Equations, Bilineal, Quadratic, Hermitians forms, Isomorphism...) course?
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    I don't suppose there's a Graph Theory class you can take? I remember one of my professors and another math student were talking about how much they'd like to see that class at our school. And, plus, it sounds interesting.
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    Unfortunately that's are the class I'm taking currently (Linear Algebra) but at the pace we're moving it looks like there might be another course after the one I'm taking to finish off the book. I kind of like it though because it's entirely proof-based unlike all of my previous classes that relied on definitions and professors unwilling to prove the theory because it was "meant for a higher class".

    Also, graph theory? I looked through my school's course offerings and didn't see a course that really had those words in it. Could you explain more maybe what that course would contain? It sounds interesting because I've heard other people draw upon that knowledge when answering some neat sounding problems.
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    Here's what my school says.

    "ACSC 376 Graph Theory for Computer Science. (3) (Prereq: Grade of C or better in ACSC 146 and AMTH 174) An algorithmic introduction to Graph Theory and its applications. Topics include: fundamental concepts for graphs, connectivity, matrices of graphs, trees, paths and cycles, matchings, graph colorings, and planar graphs."

    It's not exactly math, but it relates very closely to it.
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