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Where do I go?

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    Trying to talk about homopolar induction systems in the eng. forums got me locked cause the readers concluded for me that I was talking about overunity or perpetual motion.

    I have been conducting experiments on homopolar induction and there is little to no resourses out there concerning the science behind this odd but proven type of electrical induction system.

    If I can't discuss it in the Eng. forums then where should a person looking for help go here?
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    I could have provided you better link if knew about your location ...
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    The readers concluded this because YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT OVERUNITY:

    You CAN discuss homopolar induction systems in engineering if you stick with the rules. I have to wonder if you have searched this forum for previous threads about these machines. You are NOT the only one on this forum to take an interest in these machines.
    BTW, as soon as you propose increasing generator output without increasing input torque you ARE talking about overunity devices since we know we can power the generator with a conventional motor powered by the generator in question.
    I did a search on your other posts and found what russ_watters said is true. Your post history indicates your end goal is an overunity machine. You are not the first person I've told to keep their ideas to themselves concerning this sort of thing. If you do that, you may just blend in here, learn a thing or two, and maybe succeed in whatever it is you are trying to do. Although you won't succeed in overunity, you also won't be 'polluted' by the knowledge here.
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