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Where do I start in astrology?

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    Where do I start in astronomy?

    I was introduced to astrology just a while ago but i dont know too much about it. I just got a telescope and Im a beginner when it comes to astrology. I love to observe the stars and the heavens but I dont really know too much about them. I dunno really whats interesting to study about the skies and was wondering what was. What is fascinating about astrology and where should I start?
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    Are you talking about Astrology or Astronomy here?

    Two different things. You may want to clear that up first.

    http://skypub.com is always a great place to start for Astronomy.
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    Oh sorry I completely meant astronomy. Im not into astrology much, but yes I meant astronomy. And thanks that website is a good help.
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    Pisces, Virgo rising, is visible in your southwestern sky tonight--but only if you first throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder and spin your body three times counterclockwise. :wink:
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    Lmao... oh silly.

    Yeah, I flip out whenever someone mistakes astronomy for astrology.
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    The best way to start is to find an astronomy club in your area, and go to one of their meetings or outings. If you need help finding such a club, let us know.

    - Warren
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    Or you could go to the club finder at Sky & Telescope.

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    Welcome to Physics Forums, Shane. Glad you cleared up the astrology-astronomy thing. You're well on your way now. (excuse the teasing...people interested in astronomy often take offense when it is associated with astrology)

    The typical advice for a beginner is that you don't focus on the telescope for now. First learn the sky. Get a sky map....monthly updates are available in astronomy magazines like "Sky & Telescope" or "Astronomy"...they're also available on the internet. Just enjoy figuring out the constellations and the comings and goings of the moon and planets. Then use a good pair of binoculars (wide lenses required) or your telescope to check out points of interest. Start exploring the moon & planets. Check out the craters & mountains on the moon...watch how the landscape seems to change with the phases of the moon (changes in lighting & shadows). Check out the phases of Venus, the cloud bands of Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn. Check out how the 4 large moons of Jupiter orbit that planet (visible changes in their position from night to night). If you try to jump in the deep end at the beginning (like trying to see galaxies or nebulae), then you'll probably get frustrated quickly. You need to work up to that.

    The Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazine websites have good tips for beginners.

    A good book for learning the sky is Chet Reymo's 365 Starry Nights. Of course, there are many good books about learning astronomy...that's just one that comes to mind.
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