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Where do I start?

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    Where do I start?!!

    I'm a freshman at IIT(Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi)with a mechanical engineering major.Apart from my love for mechanical engineering,I'm also pretty inquistive about Quantum physics,Cosmology n stuff...The problem is that my college does not allow for a minor outside my department.Yet I want to pursue my interest in cosmology n astronomy.
    So I want to know where to start...the only pre-requisite i have is curiosity,although the math curriculum here includes vector calculus,liear algebra,multivariable differential calculus complex number calculus,and some more(in the remaining part of the semester)...
    I'm also interested in topology n non euclidean geometry...Considering all these are not going to be a part of my formal curriculum and the fact that I'm willing to put in extra efforts into all this,how should i start,I mean,what topics should i go about first(n what all exactly do i need to study to understand astronomy-from the viewpoint of G Relativity,strings,quantum loop gravity,EAG)...And I'm planning to learn all this through lecture videos n books(ie mostly by myself)..so any suggestions on that?
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