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Where do we publish our paper if at all we have an idea and come up with a paper.

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    i mean how to find conferences.?
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    Do you have the paper or not?

    if you have an idea for a paper, you cannot publish anything.
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    I'm sorry, but just asking that question means you are nowhere close to being ready to publish a paper. You see, one of the first things to be done when developing an idea - before even starting to develop the idea - is to do a search to see if the subject has already had relevant research done and published. The places where you'd find that existing research are the same places you'd publish your idea if it is truly new.
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    Chi Meson

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    That may have been the kindest post I have ever read.
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    hmmm. so where do i search that my idea is being already published or not. and ya i have an idea and a paper too. can someone post a link of where do i proceed with it
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    Use various scholar search engines (eg: Google Scholar). I also suggest publishing in open access academic journals, as they usually have no admission fees.
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    Wait, what? Do people pay to get their stuff published in some fields? :confused:
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    Yes, this is the case for many journals. Journal of Political Economy is an example.
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    I don't understand, how have you written a paper without researching the current state of the field? A proper scientific paper should have multiple references to existing literature because it should build upon what has already been discovered and invented.
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    i have got an idea and working on it. i cant spend my time searching for that is this idea original or not. but i know if someone published it before me. my idea would be of no use. i will check for references now that is it published anywhere or not. thank you for the link it helped a lot
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    I'm sorry but unless you have already extensively read around the subject your paper is almost definitely not worth publishing.
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    thank you for the information. is there any community like the "IEEE" in electronics which gives all the information regarding the recent and developments. i don't think we can trust any website with information they give. it may be wrong also
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    What?! There is the IEEE ( www.ieee.org ), and international technical society which publishes journals in numerous areas related to electrical engineering, electronics and related fields.

    In what field is one's research/idea?
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    my field is regarding physics. that to modern physics. i was just giving an example for such an organisation. does physics have any such organisation.?
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    There is the American Physical Societiy (www.aps.org) which has numerous publications/journals - http://www.aps.org/publications/index.cfm.

    There is the American Institute of Physics (www.aip.org) which also has journals.

    There is the Institute of Physics (www.iop.org) - http://www.iop.org/publications/index.html

    Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft - http://www.dpg-physik.de/index.html

    Société Française de Physique - www.sfpnet.fr

    European Physical Society and national affiliates

    and many others
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    If you don't know how to do a literature search then again I'm going to have to say that your paper isn't worth publishing. To write a paper one has to have either an experiment to report on or a novel idea based on previously published experiments. Both of these require that you have already read huge amounts of previously published material.
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    Please try to properly capitalize your posts so they are a bit more readable.

    As you have told by others, if you "can't spend your time" finding out if your idea is original, you have not even scratched the surface. Searching the literature and finding out what published researchers have written (and what other research they have referenced in their papers) is baby-step #1. You must do this.

    Then, if you think that your idea is original or an improvement on current knowledge, you must show why, and relate your idea to previous work (with references). That's how scientific publishing works. If you come up with a "ground-breaking" idea with no background and no references to previous research, your chances of publication are nil.
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    thank you for it.:) i searched in web but didn't get anything useful as these.:)
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    can anyone tell how to access papers related to some field. i am finding it difficult to register for every society and access the limited papers they have. are there no society like of modern physics or classical and so.!!
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