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News Where do you get your info on the War?

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    What are your sources for information on the War in Iraq? I usually go to:
    1) Washington Post
    2) BBC
    3) Public Television (News Hour with Jim Lehrer) and NPR.
    4) www.arabnews.com ( a Saudi paper)
    5) abc and CBS.
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    I compare the reports from all of the cable news networks, yahoo.com, news.google.com, Charlie Rose.
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    Hmmm....not bad, a good mix of sources!
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    NPR, i don't watch the news on tv
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    www.agonist.org <-- This site is wonderful, it's a blog compiling news reports & links from many sources.

    For mainstream media, I use in rough order of preference:
    1) BBC
    2) Guardian (UK paper)
    3) Ha'aretz (Israeli paper)
    4) CNN, Reuters, IRNA (Iranian state news)

    The Washington Post and NY Times have great day-after articles, much more in-depth than the networks.
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    PS - the Onion asked this question, too: http://www.theonion.com/onion3911/wdyt_3911.html [Broken]
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    Tom Mattson

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    I get just about all my news from MSNBC.
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    I have been very disappointed by The Onion's biased coverage. I demand access to a sarcastic, humorous, fictional newspaper in favor of the war!

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    Ap breaking news
    Wash. post
    Occasionaly pravda...although it's not a "good" news source I find interesting leads that can be further confirmed through more dependable sources.

    I also go to the
    photodudes weblog
    and i've been reading the agonist since damgo mentioned it. very good source, thanks for sharing it.

    I watch a bit of PBS and occasionaly cbs (mainly because that's the only channels we recieve :wink:)

    Quite often I follow drudge's list of news links to see what other news sources are saying.
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    CNN and UsaToday. Their biases notwithstanding (read that however you wish) CNN specifically has more resources for gathering information than any other source.
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