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Where do you study?

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    I think the question's pretty self explanatory.... I did a quick search to see if a thread like this already existed, but if it does, it has a tricky title to search for (since the only real key words I could think of are study and school, e.g. what school do you go to, and that means I get a lot of false hits)

    Anyways, since a lot of people here are either going to school, or teaching at a school, I thought it would be a nice community-building project (hah! now they can't delete the thread.... I've proven its use to the forums!) to get a list of where everyone's studying/teaching at.
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    I'm doing neither, near Calgary.
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    I am about to start study at uni [in New Zealand] I am doing health science - radiation therapy which will probably lead on to medicine at some point. [is that what you wanted to know?]
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    Currently I'm a student at Sunrise Mountain High School (there are 3 members, that I know of [including me] who go to this school). Come mid-December, I will be able to tell you where I will be going to College. I'll try to remember about this thread then ;)
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    Im attending the Salt Lake Community College now to get my associates. Once I have that I will transfer to the Univerity Of Utah to get my bachelors in Physics. Past that, who knows where the wind will take me.
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    I'm doing my PhD in theoretical physics at the Dutch speaking Free University of Brussels. I'm also a TA there.
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    Brock University, Ontario, Canada.
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    I live in the most beautiful city in Belgium : Ghent but i do my PhD in Leuven at one of the oldest universities in Europe : the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). My office is not at the KUL though but in IMEC "at the other side of the road" :)

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    In answer to the question - anywhere and everywhere. My mind is constantly working - receiving observations from the world around me and analyzing.

    I study at home or at the office, in bed (usually it's difficult for me to fall asleep), in the car (I scribble notes on my palms or forearm), at the computer, in the shower (some of my great ideas/insights pop up when I am showering), in the garden, while taking a walk, . . . anywhere/anytime.

    As for bed, I have stacks of books by the bed, where I read before I go to sleep, and then in the dark, I'll often lie there thinking.
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    I was under the impression that your wife is quite attractive. What's going on here? :tongue:

    And it's no wonder that you get so many ideas in the shower; it must take 3 or 4 hours to get the water through all that hair.
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    Univeristy of Alberta -Edmonton , preprofessional for medical laboratory science
  13. Nov 6, 2006 #12
    TRU, British Columbia, Canada. First Year Electronic Engineering - Man it's a big load hehe
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    5th year of Postdoc - currently doing Physics in Amsterdam.
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    Hang on there... I agree Gent is a nice place but calling it a city is overstating matters a bit :wink:
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    lol, it has 250.000 people livin' there...

  17. Nov 7, 2006 #16
    Any mexicans in here?
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    Well, a dominican, here!.

    I study at Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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    4th year of my BSc in the Mathematics Specialist program, University of Toronto, Ontario.
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    Stanford University, pursuing a Master's of Electrical Engineering.

    - Warren
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    In my living room and my bedroom,will be starting another complementary part time course in maths to prepare me for a physics degree, which will also be part time.

    Oh and here on PF :smile: which is also my bedroom, by the wonderous power of the WWW. I live in England, my university though is the Open University(OU) although I've never been there so I don't technically study there.
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