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Where do you work?

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    I've been reading these forums for a while now and I'm just a little curious where the majority of the contributors here work. I am currently a Master's student (possibly PhD, we'll see) in Nuclear Engineering and I want to know a little more about this career field.

    So my question is, where do you work?

    Company names don't have to be given but description of your work would be interesting, i.e. at a powerplant, academia, fuel vendor, defense contractor, regulatory organization, patent office, national laboratory, engineering firm, etc.

    Let's see how expansive this field really is.

    Previous experiences are welcomed as well.
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    I might consider it if you were a PF contributor with more than 1 post. :shy:
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    im a lab tech for a nanotechnology company dealing with ceramics :)
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    I'm assuming you are asking about people who work in a field related to Nuclear Engineering? I'm not sure if I would qualify. U.S. Air Force with experience in Nuclear Weapons.
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    34 years, including US Navy as commissioned officer on nuclear submarines, engineer at US BWR, as an engineer in US nuclear corporation operating both BWRs and PWRs, and as independent contractor at both PWRs and BWRs.
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    I work for a US Dept of Energy National Laboratory.

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    I'm working towards my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering).

    But blowing up nuke plants are more interesting than classes about electronics and magnetic fields, so I'm participating in discussions now and then...
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    jim hardy

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    retired now, was instrument maintenance man in power plant for thirty+ years

    now have moved far from madding crowds. culture here in Arkansas Ozarks centers on pickup trucks gunshows and fishing. Recall Gerry Rafferty's line in "Baker Street": '..some quiet little town..'

    clancy i hear you - i too grew tired of the mathematical tap dancing , found a course in reactor operation and got hooked. if you like neutrons and electric motors and steam , plant maintenance is a paradise. What kid wouldn't love a million horsepower steam engine?

    old jim
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    Undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering. During the year, I'm an undergraduate researcher assisting a professor in Thermal Hydraulics research.

    During the summer, I work at an under construction nuclear power plant.
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    http://www.linkedin.com/in/lucabevilacqua [Broken]
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    ATOS:surprised, did you fit?
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    Currently on a co-op term, working for a contrator doing qualifications on parts for the nuclear industry.
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    Radiation Safety Officer for a startup company doing R&D for a new teletherapy medical device.
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    The garage, mostly. Sometimes the backyard if the wife gets her way, though she does most of the housework so I don't have to work around the house very much. It varies a lot, actually.
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