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Where does Google get its money from?

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    Where does Google get its money from?
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    stock investors
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    Why would anyone want to invest in Google's stock?
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    less than 3 months after its IPO, which was $85, google's stock went up to $187 dollars per share . :surprised. Google is worth BILLIONS of dollars.
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    Google gets 90% of their revenue from advertising, but most of their capital from investors. Alot of people were skeptical of Google when they turned IPO, but they've started to diversify and keep making good moves.
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    I'm not sure how much of their money comes from it but they provide services for businesses and what not. I think they also create certain sorts of software for things like search engines that they sell too.
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    From people who so appreciate the "I'm feeling lucky" hit that comes up when they google "failure" that they send them buckets and buckets of cash.
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    Thats for sure.

    For instance, Google radiators and the top of the page will have web sites for companies selling car radiators. These companies pay google to put their links there. Almost any product you can think of can be found on google.

    I was trying to google up some sources for parts for my old truck last week and was pleasantly surprised.
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    Yah... google does recieve a lot of money from the lowest common denominator.
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    Isn't the lowest common denominator the one that basically appeals to everyone at some level?

    So.... 'fess up.
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    Google Earth is a brilliant move. I saw CNN using it as a dynamic map the other day.
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    Its the one with only the most basic knowledge among the species
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    :tongue2: Look, I realize I'm being dense, but are you saying you don't have the most basic knowledge?
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    Sure don't

    Its like learning math. You become so emersed in complicated math that you end up forgetting how to divide correctly! Or are totally stumped with projectile motion after learning how to solve Schrodenger equations (sp?).

    My friend had that happen to him. He's upper division physics major and he just had no idea how to do this basic first semester introductory physics course kinematics problem.
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    Aren't they violating their principles by doing that? A site isn't random if the same site comes up every time.
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    I don't think randomness has anything to do with it. The I'm feeling lucky button just brings you directly to the first page that comes up for your search. At least that was my understanding of it.
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