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Where does heaven begin?

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new, not a scientist and probably the least intelligent person on this site, especially with regards to physics. None the less, here I go?

    My question is simple. Is it possible that the realm that people call heaven, is simply a reality in which the molecular structure of all matter in this realm is set and vibrates a rate faster than the speed of light, thus, at least by therory, it is invisible to our reality?

    This is NOT an attempt to spark a debate about religion vs science. I just have a lot of questions about both, and so far from what I see, they really aren't to far apart.
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    I do not wish to be rude but I cannot help but say that your "possibility" is nonsense. You'd do well to read the forum rules about overly speculative posts. The moderators here have a low tolerance for such BS.
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    I do apologize, and have taken your advice. I agree, according to the speculative rule, the question is out of bounds. As I stated, i am a wanna be physics geek that watches science channels and therorizes. I, in no way, wanted to dimish the conversation of this site. I just have a lot of questions that i would just like to discuss with someone that understands this stuff. I will refrain from posting anything else.

    Thanks Phinds
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    Please feel free to ask questions. You cannot however make a speculation as a starting point for a discussion.

    thread locked
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