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Where have you spotted Linux?

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    I was just watching Monster House on the Discovery Channel and one of the people on the show was wearing a Linux t-shirt. That got me curious. With the growing popularity of Linux these days, I want to know were you've seen Linux popup.
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  3. May 12, 2004 #2
    At LinuxWorld, during that time I know it was an OS but I wasn't too familiar with it. So I went to the convention, learned as much as I can, and grabbed some free goodies along the way. This was way back when Red Hat was version 4.3 or less
    I still have a TurboLinux Cd somewhere lying around

    The convention had two talking robots greet the visitors, it was pretty interesting, he went up to me and asked me whether I was a Yankee fan since I was wearing a Yankee cap.

    EDIT - Correction: It was RH Linux 6.1
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    linux popped up a few months ago on one of my old computers
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    At the university I'm currently attending, we recently got 3 brand new Linux-based computer labs. There has been 1 lab on campus for a few years now, but its getting out-of-date. That was my most recent spotting of Linux.

    Of course, I see Linux nearly everyday since I have it installed on another partion of my harddrive.
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    Its unconventional to advertise products that actually work well because everyone that knows them uses them... You dun need much advertisement for BMWs but Fords...
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    lol @ Ebola. Good point. Good products don't need to advertise. AMD and Linux seem to have a rather large following even though they are not available in stores and are not advertised at all.

    Most computers in the labs at the local university use Linux. Probably because the computers are Pentium 1s......
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    I use linux. It's nice. There are allot of windows program you can't get for it, but for the most part linux is great. Having both a windows and linux computer I like the linux one better. Working in IT I'm tried of all the virus in windows, and the price is right with linux. If anybody is think about It recommend Knoppix 3.4. I will say this I think linux is allot better for the internet.
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    first time I've seen Linux it was at my first job. The drivers for what we were doing were developed in Linux. It was an old RH, text only, but I just loved the pretty colors on the command line :biggrin:
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    Imagine that, Linux popping up at LinuxWorld, of all places! :devil:

    - Warren
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    When I was searching for components to build a new computer, I found that one of the companies I like to use, Tigerdirect, is now selling a line of computers with Linux preloaded.

    I'm considering trying dual boot with Linux on my new computer.
  12. May 21, 2004 #11
    Where have I spotted Linux? Well, in the business/industrial world...in Chinese restaurants.

    Usually the computers with touch-sensitive screens. They all have Linux screen savers too.

    I guess it's a way to save money. The restaurants were all pretty good sized, and very busy.
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  13. May 24, 2004 #12
    I was at lowes and noticed all of their computers were running off linux OS.
  14. May 24, 2004 #13
    My school, A building for any access to internet, computers used are Windows-installed.
    but for labs, experiments, exercises, practices, etc, another buildin with only Linux installed computers is in use.
    My friend's company uses Linux a lot too, but not all...
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