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Where have you travelled virtually in spacetime?

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    Where have you travelled virtually in spacetime? Do you think that we will ultimately experience the universe more thoroughly through imagination than direct observation?
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    Though I somewhat disagree.If you have observed closely we have imagined hundreds of models for our universe, the more we imagine them,more we are confused.What we observe and what we see is I think more trustable.
    For example , we observed the awkward motion of stars on the outer reaches of galaxies leading to emergence of 'dark matter' concept.Even the presence of black holes at the centre of galaxies have been confirmed due to what we have observed and not due to mere imagination,On the other hand if we had just 'imagined' a universe as per individual' perception, the model might/would look acceptable, but will violate laws of physics, on which our whole imagination should rest upon.

    Its good that we think high, but not high enough to disturb the base of thinking.
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