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Where I study

  1. Aug 24, 2008 #1
    Today is such a nice day. I took a video of where I study. I put my desk and books inside one of the spare bedrooms inside the house on the second floor. I love to sit here and read all day long. :approve: I just open up the windows, pull my chair next to it and put my feet up on the ledge and read/enjoy the view. There were deer earlier, but I couldnt get them to show up, they hide to well against the background. I have an office at school, but I cant get any work done there. I hate being at school anymore, I'd rather sit in my own house and study.

    They are building a road right behind that treeline, so pretty soon I'm probably not going to have this amount of quiet anymore. All you hear are birds/insects chirping. But sometimes I have to close my window at night because the birds just chirp all night long, non stop. You can also hear owls and snakes hissing from time to time. There's also foxes that run around too.

    And the weather is nice at 85F.

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    Yeah...I remember back in the old days I hated office work too...I still hate it...but no longer part of it...
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    That's an enviable view. Love the peace and quiet.

    I'd put one up of my view, but the traffic and profanities would probably get me banned. :P
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