Where i want to retire

  1. I think we should build an anormous senior citezens retirment centre on the moon. That would be kick ass. I would go there mind you need a few million to live there probably but anyways. It could have a greenhouse for gardening because old people like that and ai swmming pool (maybe depends on gravtiy im not sure). The best part would be the old timers tghat have trouble walking would feel like the Harlem globetrotters with the low gravity. You physcists better get to work on this when im 70 im headed to the moon.
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    Getting out of the bath, climbing stairs etc would be easier, but heating bills would be more of a problem than usual.
  4. I believe most astronauts that have spent any significant amount of time in orbit, have some bone density loss and other atrophy issues. I imagine, especially for the elderly, that bone breakage might be a concern with an extended stay in a low gravity enviroment.
  5. Of course there would be much less need for high bone density in a low gravity environment.....

    Although I think people would look kind of funny if they eventually just turned into blobs of mush...
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