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News Where is Bush's plan for peace in Iraq?

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    So I got to thinking... maybe I could pull up John Kerry's plan for winning the peace in Iraq
    http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/national_security/iraq.html [Broken]

    and do the same with Bush - but it was the WEIRDEST thing. I went to Bush's web page and used their search function (because I couldn't find a thing on the main page about Iraq :surprised ) and tried to search ANYTHING with 'peace for Iraq' but couldn't find a thing!! WOW!! Nothing?? I finally googled enough and came up with this

    http://www.georgewbush.com/News/Read.aspx?ID=2678 [Broken]
    but after reading through a bunch of rhetoric and getting to the part where he starts whining again ("Our work in Iraq has been hard."), I gave up trying to find a plan for peace in that mess.

    I find it disturbing that I cannot find anything about a plan for peace in Iraq by my president - you know... the guy that started the war over there. :surprised All I got from google was a list of pages that looked pretty negative for Bush.

    Can anyone direct me to a page of what I'm looking for? Something similar to what the Kerry website offers? Did I just miss it somewhere???
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    The explanation I've heard Bush give is get Iraqi elections going, have Iraq take over their own affairs and thus, attain peace.
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    That's the thing that amazes me about Bush. He has the idea implanted into him that all Iraq needs is Democracy. Once you have democracy, the country will be peaceful. To encourage democracy, host some elections. How hard can it be? Maybe I should run for president... :rofl:
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    Waste: Oh. Right. So, how's that plan working so far?

    to add Waste's name above and to add:
    Ya know, I've been pretty impressed with Kerry's website. I've been able to find exactly what I was looking for each time I wanted a specific. I've not been able to find a dang thing on Bush's site - EVER. It's really annoying, you know? I'm just sayin'... :rolleyes: :biggrin:
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    You're probably using "reality-based" search terms. I think the Bush sites are set up differently.
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    Ah. Yes. :wink: Thank you. :biggrin:
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    The problem with Kerry's website is that its largely rhetoric.

    Kerry has a habit of saying what he's going to do but never addressing how.

    I haven't taken the time to look at Bush's website, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it disorganized.

    The reason you won't find Bush's plan for Iraq is that it is in place. As there are aspects of what is going on there that are military in nature, they aren't going to publish them. As Kerry has said, it'll be "more of the same."

    The question you have to ask yourself is is that a good thing or a bad thing. Look at these opposing viewpoints regarding specific aspects of the Iraq situation:

    1. Increased Insurgency -
    - More killing of American troops and Bush is failing.
    + The US is clearly seen as a threat and Bush is succeeding.
    - The US is drawing the attention of Terrorists.
    + Iraq has become an area of opposing terrorist groups who are fighting each other. Those from outside Iraq threaten the people's way of life and encourage support of the US.

    2. Death Toll -
    - How many American lives will we loose?
    + How many lives can be saved in the long run?
    - This is aweful, more in Sept than Aug, more in Aug than July.
    + We had a highly successful beginning, that kind of momentum could not be maintained forever.

    This is the overall problem with this election. Too much spin.

    I personally don't see Kerry's plan for Iraq now being any better than Bush's. As a result, for me, its a non-issue in this election.
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    From the L.A.Times, registration is needed to view, sorry.

    http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-moore20oct20,1,502730.story [Broken]

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