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Where is Heaven/Hell?

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    I've struggled with this question before too... we all know that we live in a universe, on a single life-supporting planet (as far as we know at least) and upon our death, supposedly, self-awareness dissolves and we no longer observe the universe (or anything at all which is impossible to imagine).

    So, if there was any sort of after, where would it be situated? Still inside this universe but in a different incommensurable by the naked-eye or the scientific apparatus location or in a completely different universe altogether?

    Basically, is the afterlife within the framework of our universe or outside of it?
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    We wont find out until we get there
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    According to a famous religious text, heaven is in the sky and hell is underground.

    However, scientists have now discovered that Hell is in fact located in Salford, England.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Wrongo Bongo! It's in Norway.:biggrin:
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    Hell would have to be inside a black hole and heaven riding a comet around the universe
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    The Hell is in Norway, doesn't that mean that when one is in Taiwan (when he's still alive) and when he's dead, he will proceed all the way to Norway? That's so far...

    And, why the Hell is only in Norway?...:uhh: ...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Silliness aside, this is far too speculative.
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