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Where is most climate data?

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    I keep reading news articles about how researches are trying to dump as much climate data as possible off of government computers before the new presidential term.

    How much data is actually stored on government servers and no where else? Petabytes? Exabytes? Is it the majority of raw data? I assume most data is owned by NASA or NOAA but I have no idea if it's like half or like 99%
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    I think the "and nowhere else" part is decisive here. I cannot imagine that the relevant data aren't available outside the US: UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada and presumably Russia and China, too, have probably the same data for their climate researches. They are not really secret.

    Sounds a bit like the story of Clinton's employees who allegedly removed all "W" keys on the WH computers on their leave.
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    Remember to stick to the science and stay away from the politics
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    This doesn't meet our rules, closed.
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