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Where is my mistake ?

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    Hello, i got some problem with my recent findings, i like physics but i am complete amateur. I work as informatics, and it came to me lately.
    It's so obvious that it HAD to be found before and excluded. So i presume i am just stupid and ignorant :) Can You help me with that ?

    i took some assumption.
    If You suppose, that electron is actually a wave that carries INFORMATION about it's movement, mass, etc
    and atom works like machine that CREATES electron in case there is interaction with its wave , wouldn't it easilly describe
    all quantum mechanics "miracles" like corpuscular-wave dualism, or two-slot Young/Dawisson experiment.
    E.G. In two slots experiment electron acts as wave, but if you put geiger meter at each slot, wave function "breaks".
    In my assumption, geiger's meter atom RECEIVES the wave and DECODES info about electron, moving on,
    IF electron has been detected by geiger at slot A, it CAN'T go thru slot B so atom at geiger's A SHOULD encode that information into the wave.
    So it's precise location is from that moment known.
    Otherwise, where there AREN'T any atoms "on the way", "decoding" information carried by electron's wave takes place at first atom on the wall behind slots,
    that that wave reaches. It can just "recreate" electron, placing it's e.g. according to phase of incoming wave.
    Help please? Anyone ? :)
    It takes away any "quantum miracles" but tells us really strange things alongs the way.
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    The existing theory of quantum mechanics does all that and more. I suggest you study quantum mechanics, and when you've mastered that, try and express your theory in the proper way, if it is different.
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    What you're talking about sounds _roughly_ like Professor Cramer's "Transactional Interpretation". Google that and see what you think.

    Otherwise I'm sorry to say I don't understand what you mean. :)
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    Can u tell me in simple words what u wanna know. i will surely help u with reasoning...
    the only thing i could understand from dis text is dat u are confused about QUANTUM NUMBERS telling the complete address of an electron-DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY..
    Take care....
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