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Where is pointer located

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    IS a pointer in C located on the stack or heap? Also if you declare a pointer in a function then malloc the memory for it does that mean it is both on the stack and heap because it is a local variable but it is also dynamic memory.
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    The pointer is on the stack. The block of data that it points to is on the heap. They are two different objects, although obviously related.
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    A pointer is the same as any variable, it could be global, static, on the stack, or possibly on the heap (for example, malloc memory for an array of pointers...). A pointer can point to any variable type, and a pointer to function points to code.
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    Ok thank you I think I got it. Tell me if I am on track or not

    HEAP: int *x=malloc(5); <--- x is on stack but points to heap
    STACK: int *x,y; x=&y; <--- x is on stack again and points to memory on the stack

    so unless the int *x; is global it will be on stack correct?
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    Yes, that is correct.
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