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Where is the 2 bucks?

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    1. 3 friends live happily in a home. They have a shared servant.
    One day they all gone to a shop and buy a Radio pricing 50 buks
    and returned happily. The next day their servant goes to market, meets
    the shop-keeper. The shop-keepers knows that he is the servant of those 3 guys.
    he gives him 10 Buks and says that actually by mistake he has taken 50 for
    a radio pricing 40. So please return the money among your masters.
    The servant reaches home and says his masters that because 10 bucks cann't
    be devided equally so he gives 2 bucks to each of them (2*3 =6) and takes 4
    bucks after asking them.

    Now the question is they have invested 20-2 = 18 each..so total they invested
    is 18 * 3 = 54 And 4 bucks is taken by servant so it makes 54 + 4 = 58.
    Where is the (60-58) 2 bucks?
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    54 - 4 = 50 ALSO 18*3 + 2*3 = 60. There is no sense in adding 54 and 4. It's what Bush would refer to as Fuzzy Math, and for once, he'd be right.
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    I assume the question is supposed to be that they paid 60 bucks for a radio which was supposed to be 50 bucks.

    They paid it to their accountant.
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    I guess your mind must be full of 6's, thats why you have 60's meanings in mind.

    I think the guy in OP should be crazy, why does he have to pay back 10 bucks, why not take it as keepsake. Those people might love him. Think he would love them too later on.
    About the servant, he must be those masters's dad! He could get 4 bucks whereas his masters each get only two ???????
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    Doc Al

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    They invested 54 bucks. 50 ended up with the shopkeeper; 4 went to the servant. 54 + 4 is meaningless. (Assuming they originally paid 60 bucks for the radio.)
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    There is no missing money, the point of this "story" is to make you look at the problem incorrectly.

    They paid $60 for the radio.

    The shopkeeper returned $10, keeping $50

    The servant gives $6 back to the roommates and keeps $4


    When you look at the question logically, it's a no brainer.
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    If they all chipped in to buy a $50 radio, and it was actually $40, then the guy gave them back $10 each, how the hell do you get $60 then???
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    For F.A.T.:
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    No no no, the question says

    A radio priced at $50

    They paid, and got $10 back, because it was actually $40. Read my post in the quote before.

    I think someone misstyped the question. I think it should be a $60 radio, but it only cost $50, otherwise, if it was a $50 radio, then why all chip in $20 each, when you can chip in $17 each, and get $1 change?????
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