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Where should I go for microdevice Phd?

  1. Sep 23, 2010 #1
    The last post near this topic was 1.5 years ago, so I thought I would try to solicit some more answers.

    I am finishing my M.S. next spring on the topic of micro devices and want to change institutions and complete a PhD, but I am not sure where to go. Here is what I have discovered about my interests:

    If I have no lab time I will die, so pure theory is out.
    I like mechanical devices on the microscale - actuators, sensors etc.
    I like more pure physics on the nanoscale
    I do not like microfluidics, but having microfluidics secondary in something like a chemical sensor is all right.
    Biology is interesting, but I have a weak background in it.

    Looking at schools it seems I might be looking for a Physics, Mechanical, or Electrical engineering department. I know I can do a Physics qual, think I could do an ME qual, but might have trouble with a EE qual.

    Thank you for any advice or name dropping!
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