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Where should i study physics?

  1. Jun 11, 2012 #1
    hey guys out there! help me! i'm in a crucial juncture.

    my problems are:
    1) i want to be a theoretical physicist and i like cosmology.
    2) i am an Indian and in india, you need to memorize EVERYTHING to get a good academic career. i'm lousy at this business and i haven't got a "good academic record"(my average score in twelfth grade final exams is about 83%). so i can't get admitted to really good physics universities. the rest of colleges are just junks - they never have a good faculty.
    3) nobody ever gave me information about the scholarships and how to prepare for national level entrance exams.
    4) i want to study abroad where i can get some better choices.

    now, my advantages (which probably won't count) are:
    1) i do know a lot of maths (like, linear algebra, complex analysis, vector analysis, Fourier series, some special functions and ultimately- how to solve partial differential equations) that'll help me studying physics.
    2) and as for physics, i'm used to solving real problems, not only the ones assigned in my texts.

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