Where the Heck Does Google Get These Ads From?


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I hadn't seen them in a while, since I had been a contributor (and will be again soon - I'm just lazy and not around a computer as much except to write). I just noticed an ad claiming to show me how to "Use secret laws of physics and your subconscious mind to create wealth?"

Is that honestly the best science-themed stuff that google can find? Does anyone ever actually click on these?


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well it could be another way of saying 'stochastic models, derivative pricing, and your gut feeling to earn big on stock market'


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haha yah what is with google's ad placement...

This is an intellectual science board... not the best place to advertise get rich quick schemes.


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Google uses keywords to randomly place ads.
If you show ads on your site you can customize google and tell it not to show certain ads.
This is something I need to do as my ggogle ads (on my site not here) keep advertising Kia Cars / Kia Motors :uhh:
Which maybe my name but sure is nothing to do with my content.
I even have a full compliment of Metatags :rolleyes:


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All right, someone has to sticky this. Look what just appeared on the GD front page:

http://www.cubanfoodmarket.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CFM&Product_Code=TP0001 [Broken]

When you hover the cursor over it, it reads "Every Cuban's dream." Apparently, they dream about wiping their cracks with Castro's face.
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